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  • Green Technology that Saves You Money

    The patented pi pallet is a hybrid of durable corrugated material and heat-treated wood bonded with industrial strength adhesive. It handles the loads asked of most wood pallets in spite of being 60-70% lighter (13-19 pounds vs. 40-50 for standard wood pallets).

    What the pi pallet can do for you

    The pi pallet’s lower weight generates substantial fuel-related savings for air cargo and LTL shippers–who pay by the pound–from the first use.  It’s an investment that pays immediate dividends. The pi pallet is green technology that saves you money.

    There are other lightweight pallets, notably corrugated and plastic. But these alternatives can’t carry the loads of wood. And the few that rack won’t support much weight. The pi pallet is the first lightweight pallet that handles most loads asked of  wood.

    Reusable and recyclable, the pi pallet has impressive green credentials. Wood pallets are recyclable, but due to nails, staples, or extensive damage, the process is often more trouble than it’s worth. Many users pay to have them hauled away and junked.  As a result, wood pallets currently occupy an estimated 2-3% of US landfill space. Of course, fuel savings are another environmental benefit of the pi pallet.

    Offering the technology modern firms demand

    The pi pallet is customizable with printing of bar codes, logos, and anything else you need. It is also RFID-ready for the increasing number of companies that choose to exploit tracking technology. By tagging every pallet, food distributors can track down suspect shipments quickly and dramatically reduce the cost of recalls. Indeed, in early 2011 the U.S. government passed a major FDA overhaul that includes a provision requiring electronic “farm-to-fork” traceability of all fruits and vegetables. It’s likely pallets with RFID will be part of industry’s compliance. And pharmaceutical firms can weed out counterfeit drugs.

    Safe in the warehouse and crossing the oceans

    The pi pallet contains heat treated wood, so it is ISPM 15-compliant and ready for overseas duty right off the assembly line. Domestic shippers are not subject to this regulation, but they can rest assured the pi pallet is resistant to infestation and plant diseases.

    Like other wood alternatives, the pi pallet is free of nails and staples, protecting both employees and product. And with no exposed wood, splinters are not a concern. The pi pallet’s reduced weight makes warehouse handling easier and cuts the risk of back injuries.

    Priced for cost-conscious FTL and container shippers

    In mass production the pi pallet will be priced competitively with new, heat-treated wood pallets. FTL and container shippers who regularly run into weight restrictions benefit by loading more product (and less pallet weight) on each truck or container. Those who don’t realize direct weight-related fuel savings can enjoy the pallet’s other benefits without paying a hefty premium.

    Are you ready for real change?

    We encourage you to read this white paper for a more detailed discussion of the pi pallet’s place in modern freight hauling. Wood pallets have dominated the industry since the early 20th century. We think you’ll agree the pi pallet is poised to become the first alternative pallet worthy of more than a niche spot in modern freight hauling.

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